Here in the United States, it’s no secret that oil and gas prices directly affect the health of the economy as a whole. The two major industries are also key to the position of the United States among other countries spanning the globe.

Keeping abreast of all the changes occurring in both the oil and gas industries can be hard to follow. Informative blogs are the best way to catch up on emerging and evolving trends.

Great Oil And Gas Companies To Follow:

From global crude to refined product movements, the blog provides a unique perspective on analysis, commentary, and comprehensive data sets.

Genscape Blog
Genscape is a leader in the world’s largest private network of in-field monitors. The company offers unsurpassed market intelligence across the energy scope.

RBN’s Daily Energy Post
Here’s another excellent blog that posts at 5:00 am central time each business day. The blog focuses on energy market trends, the mechanics of how these markets function and more.

Oilholics Synonymous Report
Financial writer Gaurav Sharma boasts an extensive resume in both the oil and gas industries. He has vast experience covering OPEC summits, energy events, analysis of oil corporations’ financials and exploration data.

Today In Energy From The EIA
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides a wealth of information to the media regarding energy production, stocks, demand, imports, exports, and prices.

The RigUp Blog
The Austin, Texas-based company has emerged as the biggest marketplace and provider of labor in the energy industry. The blog tackles a variety of topics like “5 Fun Facts About the Permian Basin.”

Oil And Gas Lawyer Blog
Texas attorney John McFarland authors the blog and discusses issues about landowners and mineral owners in oil and gas matters.

Allen Gilmer’s LinkedIn
The founder of DrillingInfo keeps readers informed on current news and trends like “Why Economic Geology Is More Important Than Ever.”

The former company served as a professional networking website for the oil and gas community.
The website boasts the most popular energy news site globally. The analysis focuses on oil and gas, alternative energy and geopolitics.

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