Anatoly Vanetik

Anatoly Vanetik is a businessman and venture capitalist with global experience in investing, consulting, and growing companies around the world. His professional experience focuses on international deals with countries of the former Soviet Union. Anatoly brings over eighteen years of experience as a trusted advisor and fiscal supporter for a variety of different companies.

Anatoly Vanetik was born in the Soviet Union, where he attended Kiev University. He majored in Mechanical Engineering while at Kiev University, and graduated with a Master of Science degree. Upon moving to the United States in 1978, Anatoly began working for a Lockheed Martin subsidiary, where he was able to apply the skills he learned in college towards his work as a mechanical engineer. Anatoly went on to create his own engineering firm, called Componex Corp., where he worked until it was sold in 1988. After selling Componex Corp., he began working within the oil and gas industries.

Professional Background

After discovering his skill for the oil and gas industries, Anatoly Vanetik remained in the line of work for many years. He not only enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that the industry presented, but he also felt like it was a great opportunity to expand his leadership skills and business expertise. After this experience Tony got involved in some of the most influential businesses in Kazakhstan and the former Commonwealth of Independent States (following the breakup of the Soviet Union). He conducted business on an international level, investing in and advising major ventures so successfully that within just a few years he was named Businessman of the Year by Business in the Former USSR Magazine, a prominent Russian publication. In addition to his numerous independent ventures into oil companies, Tony was the principal investor, co-founder and CEO of Poladyne Corporation, a major proprietary lubricant manufacturing company.

Thanks to the wealth of experience that he gained over the years, Anatoly Vanetik began setting himself apart as a businessman and through his ability to merge business initiatives together from around the world. He was directly involved in selling numerous Kazakhstani oil and gas licenses to oil and gas exploration companies in the Western world. During his time working as a strategic consultant, Anatoly Vanetik was able to offer his expertise in legal rights and licensing deals, which would go on to help shape major deals between Western nations and Kazakhstan and Russia in mining, exploration, and eventual sales of oil and gas.

Anatoly Vanetik has a wealth of experience working with individuals of various backgrounds and helping to facilitate negotiations and shape the minds of businesses and their strategies moving forward. In addition to these professional pursuits, Tony continues to make use of his background in mechanical engineering. To date, Tony Vanetik has filed for and received four patents in the plotter industry which he holds to this day.

Professional & Personal Background

Today, Anatoly Vanetik primarily focuses on his role as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Vanetik and Associates, which is based in California. He founded the company in 1995 and Vanetik and Associates continues to be a popular venture and consulting firm in the resource industry. His roles include and are not limited to overseeing the company on a broad scale and weighing in on important business and administrative decisions to ensure the future success and sustainability of the business at large. He is also an art enthusiast and has a blog devoted to the history and appreciation of art— from classical masterworks to contemporary visionaries. On it, he blogs frequently on topics ranging from expansive art history projects to looks at specific pieces and artists that he feels are worth examining.